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Inset cabinets are a type of cabinetry design where the cabinet doors and drawers are set flush with the face frame, creating a seamless and sophisticated look. Unlike overlay cabinets, inset cabinets fit inside the cabinet opening, allowing the door to be flush with the frame for a clean, tailored appearance. This design choice often imparts a timeless and classic aesthetic to kitchens or other spaces where these cabinets are utilized. We offer three different types of inset cabinetry; flush, beaded, and modern inset.


Frameless cabinets lack the traditional face frame found in inset or framed cabinets. Instead, these cabinets feature doors and drawers that are directly attached to the cabinet box, providing a sleek, modern appearance with full access to the cabinet interior. The absence of a face frame allows for efficient storage and a contemporary, minimalist look in kitchens and other areas where frameless cabinets are commonly used.


Framed, also known as overlay, cabinets are a type of cabinetry where the cabinet doors and drawers overlay the face frame, partially covering it. This design creates a visible frame around each door and drawer, contributing to a more traditional and classic aesthetic. Framed cabinets come in various styles, such as full overlay, where the doors cover most of the frame, or partial overlay, where a portion of the frame remains visible for a distinctive look. We offer several types of framed cabinetry. 


At Dove Studio, we offer a wide range of cabinet construction, wood varieties, and paint and stain finishes. Explore some of the finishes that we offer below. 



We stay up to date on trending colors and offer all Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore colors in most of our custom lines. Manufactured paint finishes are done in a specialized finishing area with several layers of finishes to create a smooth and ultra-durable finish. 



Acrylic Laminates offer an affordable, contemporary style in today's most popular colors with a high-gloss finish. We also carry matte acrylic finishes which offer a velvety, low-luster finish.

High Pressure Laminates

We offer gloss and matte high pressure laminate finishes. Matte finishes obscure fingerprints and offer a lush smooth feel. Gloss finishes offer a contemporary style with vibrant colors.


Outdoor Cabinets

Outdoor cabinets stand out for their durable construction, utilizing a revolutionary high-density resin system that replicates the look and feel of real wood while withstanding the elements. These cabinets are meticulously crafted to endure harsh outdoor conditions, featuring weather-resistant materials and a seamless design that ensures long-lasting beauty and functionality in any outdoor setting.

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Textured Melamines

Textured melamine cabinets are crafted by laminating decorative paper with textured patterns onto a substrate of particleboard or MDF (medium-density fiberboard), and then sealing the layers with melamine resin. This process creates a durable, low-maintenance cabinet surface with a wide range of textured finishes, providing both aesthetic appeal and practicality in residential and commercial settings.

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We offer a variety of stained cabinetry in the following species of woods: Maple, Walnut, Alder, Oak (White, Red, Rift Cut, Qtr Sawn), American, and Select Poplar, Birch, Cherry, Hickory, Rustic Alder, Clear Alder. 

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Reconstituted Wood

Reconstituted wood veneers are manufactured using sustainable hardwoods layered together to produce a veneer that is dyed to resemble the oak or walnut in appearance. This process provides a sustainable veneer with exceptional consistency in graining and a modern appearance perfect for today’s styling trends


We offer satin and high gloss polymer finishes. Polymer finishes are durable, stain resistant, and are available in a variety of styles. This finish is especially popular among parents with kids due to it's scratch-resistant and anti-fingerprint properties! 

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Thermally Fused Laminates

Thermally fused laminate cabinets are constructed by fusing layers of paper and resin onto a composite wood core through a heat and pressure process, creating a durable and visually appealing surface. The result is a robust, easy-to-clean cabinet material known for its resistance to scratches, stains, and fading, making it a practical and stylish choice for various residential and commercial applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you install your designs?

Yes, with the help of our professional subcontractors, we provide all the necessary carpentry to install and adjust all cabinetry designed and ordered through Dove Studio unless otherwise noted. Installation includes, cabinetry, hardware, and cabinet door inserts. We do not adjust appliances or non cabinet related items.

Do you move walls or plumbing lines? What is the scope of work that you do?

Our licensed cabinet installers are not authorized under insurance policies to engage in construction-type work outside of cabinet installation. We strongly recommend that you work with a licensed contractor especially if many things are getting moved around. We are always happy to refer you to reputable contractors, builders, interior designers, countertop fabricators, appliances installers, etc.

What is the difference between a manufactured paint finish versus using a local shop?

The finishing process occurs in a specialized area with controlled positive airflow to prevent dust accumulation, and drying ovens are employed instead of air drying, resulting in a highly durable and exceptionally smooth finish. The production facilities maintain humidity control through misters to ensure optimal moisture levels in both the air and wood. The finishing steps involve a meticulous process, particularly for paints. This includes applying a wood sealer, two coats of pigmented primer, two coats of paint, and a final sealer coat, followed by oven baking using halogen drying ovens. Additionally, doors undergo thorough sanding using a combination of various equipment and hand techniques to achieve the smoothest possible surface.

Will you help select my lighting, tile, flooring, etc.? 

Dove Studio does not represent any flooring, tile or lighting companies therefore you cannot purchase that through us but we are happy to guide you to a final decision from your selections during our design meeting. If you would like input on your non cabinet related selections, we ask that you please bring those final options with you to the cabinet selections meeting.

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