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Comparing 3 Popular Cabinet Door Styles

It's time to get into the nitty-gritty details of cabinet selection... door styles! Many people are familiar with flat slab doors and shaker-style doors. Today we'll explore a few other door style options for cabinetry.

Slab Style Doors

Slab cabinet doors are super popular and versatile. They are simply flat doors that lack any frame, panels, or embellishments. The result is a clean and sleek look. Slab doors are typically constructed of solid hardwood, furniture-grade plywood, or MDF particleboard. The flat panel construction allows for a laminate or wood veneer finish which is popular in contemporary and modern style kitchens.

Play around with different hardware options to change the overall design of your space. In the kitchen pictured above, a modern look was achieved by incorporating dark matte slab doors and integrated Gola hardware. Push-to-open systems on doors and drawers can be installed as another option if you would like to avoid hardware.

Glass-framed Door

Glass-framed cabinets are constructed of wood with a center panel insert. Glass is the most popular insert choice, but there are many materials to choose from. They are typically incorporated as accent pieces to show off stemware and decor.

Glass inserts are the most popular for kitchens, however special inserts like leather, rattan, mirror, or aluminum are also popular in media rooms, offices, and wet bars. Check out a few of the cabinet inserts available from the custom cabinetry line Wood-Mode.

Paneled Doors

Paneled cabinet doors can be recessed, flat, or raised. Typically of five-piece construction, the nature of the center panel will ultimately determine the overall style. Each variation of the panel door can significantly alter the design of your kitchen, taking it from contemporary to traditional with just a simple detail.

You've probably heard of "shaker" doors. Shakers are one of the most popular door choices and are characterized as a slab with a flat center panel. They can have as much or as little detailing as desired, offering a super versatile design choice.

Raised panel cabinets give off a more traditional look and have become less popular in recent years. Most cabinetry lines offer a variety of panel door selections, offered in different colors, finishes, stains, and detailing. In the slideshow above, you can see a variation of panel door styles.

Bonus: Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can tie into the design of any space. They offer a stylistic bridge between glass-paneled cabinets and solid cabinets. They're also a great way to open up your space and can be utilized strictly for design or to hold kitchenware. Depending on your style and goal for functionality, they can be designed in a different color or finish than the wall cabinets, to create an aesthetic contrast.


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