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Project Highlight: Transitional Kitchen Flip

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

This client came to HarbourTowne Construction and us with an inspirational picture. That was what she wanted her kitchen to be -but it wasn't! She had a kitchen that spanned across the dining room and the kitchen area and spilled into a keeping room. You had to go through the kitchen to get to the dining area and nothing flowed or made sense.

We decided to use the space where the dining table was for the kitchen and add the dining area to the keeping area and create separate living and kitchen spaces.

One challenge we faced was floor-to-ceiling windows on the wall we wanted to use as our sink wall. We had to source shorter windows that would match the existing windows and recreate the exterior stucco to match as well. We also wanted to remove an awkwardly placed short wall and luckily found that it was not structural.

Once we cleared those hurdles, the design process began. The first thing was a design that really opened up the kitchen, took full advantage of the two walls of windows, and gave her the function, style, and storage that she needed. She was lacking pantry storage, so we managed to give her a total of 3 pantries with a variety of interior storage configurations to meet her needs.

The client has a refined but not overly traditional style so we went with white cabinetry on the perimeter and a dark grey island that would really showcase the beautiful natural stone countertop that she fell in love with! Using that stone as a centerpiece, the hardware and light fixtures followed with warm gold and copper tones.

With 3 generations sharing this home, we also needed to create an island that provided seating for at least 4 and then allowed us to have a large casual dining table in the connecting room where we now have a small beverage bar that doubles as part of that pantry storage solution we mentioned.

She also wanted to be able to hide her multiple countertop appliances so we designed an appliance garage with a lift-up door that provides just that space while still providing a convenient location within the kitchen.

This client sells high-end real estate in the metro Atlanta area, and she knows a good kitchen when she sees one and she is over the moon in love with hers! Another great project with Harbour Towne Construction!


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