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How to Prepare for Your Design Consultation

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

You've decided to remodel a space in your home and are preparing for the initial design consultation with your designer, yay! What can you expect from your initial consultation? Taking place virtually, on-site, or in a showroom, your designer will assess the scope of your project and determine your needs. Talk about your likes, dislikes, and overall goals for the look and function of your space. We've rounded up a few preliminary steps to take and some tips for your initial consultation!

Get Inspired

Find inspiration from Pinterest and Houzz for different kitchen layouts, styles, and aesthetics. Taking into consideration your space and budget, find which trends, textures, stains, finishes, etc. catch your eye.

A picture tells a thousand words - sharing your Pinterest board or Houzz idea books can often help to kickstart the design process. If you're still not sure which direction you want to go in before meeting with your designer, then no worries- that's what we're here for!

Look on Pinterest, Houzz, or even Google to browse different kitchen styles. Popular styles are; contemporary, industrial, transitional, modern, traditional, eclectic, etc.

There are 5 main kitchen layouts to consider when redesigning your kitchen; Galley, One-Wall, U-Shaped, L-Shaped, and G-Shaped. You can get some more insight on which layout will work best for you here: 3 kitchen layouts to consider when remodeling.

Don't sweat the small stuff. It's okay if you're overwhelmed by all of the options for your new space. Your designer will help you through every step, especially the more specific choices like finishes, stains, and hardware.

Self Reflect

Spend some time reflecting on how you use your space and how you would like to use it after your remodel!

For example, do you entertain often?

You may consider adding a wet bar or butler's pantry. If you can't build out a full bar, there are more space conscience options.

Under-counter fridges are compact and great for storing drinks, and can seamlessly blend in with your kitchen island or base cabinets. Check out some of our favorite Sub-Zero under-counter refrigerators here.

Do you want your kitchen to serve as a multi-purpose space for additional activities like work/homework? Look into adding an additional counter and seating space that's located a safe distance away from meal prep and cooking zones. Double islands are also a popular choice, with one island serving its traditional role and the second serving as seating and entertainment space.

Do you have pets? There are many products and cabinet configurations nowadays that incorporate pet accessories seamlessly into the kitchen. Toe-kick drawers are great for low cabinets that can serve as a food bowl for your pets!

Write these functions down before your consultation and let your designer know of all the current and future uses of your space to maximize the functionality of the design.

Create a budget and boundaries

During the initial consultation, your designer will go over the payment process and overall billing structure. It's important to be honest with yourself and your designer about what your budget is. Let them know about your boundaries upfront so your initial design and estimation can accurately reflect what is feasible.

Don't Worry

Overall your designer is there to work with you and maximize the functionality and style of your new space. They'll know the right questions to ask and work to ensure the space is perfect. Don't worry if the design process is overwhelming at first, you're one step closer to your dream space!

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