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Inspiration Behind The Mountain Laurel Showcottage

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

An inside look at the Mountain Laurel Showcottage with Christy Dillard Kratzer of CDK Designs and Stephanie Elder of Dove Studio.

About the project

The developer of Cloudland Station has teamed up with the architectural firm, Harrison Design, to create a unique neighborhood within Cloudland Station called The Courtyards at Mill Creek. The first house to be developed within the neighborhood is the Mountain Laurel Designer Showcottage, which is a collaboration project of six interior designers from the Southeast. Dove’s designer, Stephanie Elder, has been collaborating with Christy Dillard of CDK Design to design the kitchen cabinetry for the Showcottage.


Christy Dillard Kratzer of CDK Designs

A fresh design perspective and keen knowledge of the marketplace have resulted in over 20 years of Christy Dillard Kratzer's award-winning distinguished interiors. Employing a customized approach that reflects her residential and commercial clients' interests and needs, Christy's look translates into a variety of signature styles that stand the test of time.

In 2010, Christy was chosen to design a licensed furniture collection for Lorts Manufacturing resulting in a high-end transitional line of furnishings that is sold nationally. Product design has been a passion of Christy's for many years and is now a great addition to her list of accomplishments in the design industry.

What do you consider to be the most important step of the design process?

The most important step of the design process is to start with a spatial plan, so you will know what your options are in appliances and plumbing. Then, having an overall concept and feeling you want to convey for the space will guide you towards colors and finishes.

"It is a great visual of many things, functional and decorative objects all coming together to tell the story."

What is your favorite part of the finished space?

My favorite part of the finished space is the sink wall, where you see the dark sink and countertops highlighted by the copper pendant as well as all the open shelving with the beautiful glassware and dishware. It is a great visual of many things, functional and decorative objects all coming together to tell the story.

What was your inspiration for the kitchen?

I took cues from the traditional architecture of the house and blended modern and contemporary touches such as lighting and plumbing fixtures to make it feel up-to-date. I wanted a fresh farmhouse look with a little drama.

So, the beautiful jade color of the shaker-style cabinetry was a great color pop and contrasted well with the dark countertops and dark farmhouse sink. Copper has also been on my radar lately and when I found the copper pendant light I knew it was the perfect addition to the kitchen.

Do you have a favorite design trend of 2021?

My favorite design trend of 2021 is the mixture of styles of cabinetry in kitchens! I love how many designers are using three different styles together to create a really unique and custom kitchen.

You can find Christy on Instagram: @cdkinteriordesign, and Facebook, and on her website.


Stephanie Elder of Dove Studio Kitchen & Bath

Stephanie Elder is a lead kitchen and bath designer with Dove Studio and a graduate of Auburn University. She enjoys getting to know her clients so that she can create a personalized design experience for them. Her work has been featured in show homes, home tours, published in national magazines, and has won COTY and OBIE awards throughout the years.

Have you worked with green cabinets before? And do you think you'll see more demand for green in the future?

I have! I just completed a custom painted Green kitchen accented with dark walnut pieces and it is fantastic! I also recently worked with a more blue-green color and all copper accents which was stunning! I love a good splash of bold color! I do think that people are starting to feel a little restrained by the White and Grey tones and are looking to do something more unique, even though White is always in style!!

It is almost like a different world-quaint and serene. Very reminiscent of a time long past.

What is your favorite part of the Mountain Laurel Showcottage?

I love how the look and feel of the cottage starts from the minute you drive into the development all the way through the cottage itself. It is almost like a different world-quaint and serene. Very reminiscent of a time long past.

Cloudland Station Mountain Laurel Showcottage

Where do you typically find inspiration for new projects?

Usually, I work from the client's personal style-finding a particular element that they really love and then weaving that into the entire project.

What is your favorite part of the design process?

When it is all done and they see it all come together for the first time and you see the joy on their face!!

Where is your dream vacation: beach or mountains? Do you have a favorite spot?

I am going to have to say the beach! I grew up in the Florida panhandle so saltwater runs in my veins! The Gulf Coast is my idea of heaven and that includes the Mayan Riviera!


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