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Trilith Studios: Where Your Favorite Movies Are Filmed!

Have you watched any Marvel films or tv series lately?

Chances are they were filmed just 20 minutes south of the Atlanta airport at Trilith Studios.

Trilith Studios is the second-largest filming production studio in North America and has produced films and tv-series like The Avengers, Ant-Man, The Walking Dead, and WandaVision, among many others.

Since the studio's opening in 2014, Trilith has expanded into a 935-acre town with residential neighborhoods, restaurants, boutique shops, and more, all within walking distance to the film studio. Dove Studio is so excited to be working on projects in such an amazing development!


One of the most interesting and beautiful parts of Trilith is the European-inspired neighborhood of 1,400 homes which include townhouses, estates, apartments, and a micro village. In a (successful) effort to ditch the uniformity of standard neighborhoods, each house boasts a unique style and will range from $400,000 to $2 million in price.

The residential area boasts 15 miles of outdoor walking paths, a lake, a resort-style fitness and wellness center, and a town stage for residents to enjoy. With 500 residents already calling Trilith home, the neighborhood is open for anyone to reside, not just members of the film industry. However, there's already a waiting list to move in. Don't worry about your favorite actors finding a place to stay as a gated area of 10 high-end houses for a-listers and two boutique hotels are under construction.

A kitchen located at Trilith designed by Jenny Lyons of Dove Studio.

Our designer, Jenny Lyons, has worked with Redwood Construction on several projects over the years and loves visiting Trilith. She commented, “It has been amazing to see the progress of Trilith each time we come down for a new project. I just visited a house to measure a job site and stopped by their first (of 12) open restaurants, Barley Garden, for lunch- I highly recommend the Butcher’s Bun sandwich.”

Aside from residential living, Trilith will include shops, offices, local restaurants, a luxury movie theater, a boutique hotel, an elementary school, and an 18,000 square-foot sound stage for events. Trilith is also home to the University of Georgia’s MFA screenwriting program and the Georgia Film Academy’s largest campus.

Rob Parker, the president of Trilith Development, LLC, commented on his vision of the town saying, “We are excited about making a spectacular gathering place where professionals in the creative industries — and anyone who appreciates storytelling and innovation — will feel inspired and at home.”

We look forward to continuing our work with homeowners and builders at Trilith! You can read more about Trilith Studios here.

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